Streets Smarts Fiber Arts was created to provide educational information about crafts that can be done using fiber, yarn and fabric such as knitting, embroidery, sewing, embroidery, weaving and crocheting. While many of these handicrafts have traditionally been done by hand my personal preference is to use any tool that will help me perform the task quickly.  For me, I’m in a hurry to get to the end and see what I have created, especially when it’s something I can wear!!! When I learned in the mid 1990s an embroidery machine had been created for the sewer, I acquired my first embroidery machine.  I now own several embroidery machines including a six needle industrial machine with various digitizing software such as MasterWorks III and Floriani.

As for knitting, two sticks and a string are great to take along when traveling, but my punch card card and electronic knitting machines, along with my Passap E6000 with  motor really let me enjoy the fruits of my knitting much sooner.  When I added pattern making software such as Design-A-Knit 8 and Garment Designer to my computer, I had the freedom to create the garments I want in my size.  As for crocheting, like hand knitting, it’s easy to take along to keep from getting bored. Sewing has always been my first love.  It’s why I went to Philadelphia University and studied textiles.  There I also learned to drape and draft patterns.  Of course it was helpful I owned a sewing machine and serger before I took the courses.  Today, I couldn’t imagine life without my sewing machine and serger.

When Passap and Brother decided not to manufacture any new knitting machines, my thoughts turned to weaving.  I now own an 8-harness loom. Over the years I have met many individuals such as myself who love working in different areas of the fiber arts. Welcoming everyone to this site as they enter the fabulous and fun world of fiber arts.

Donna Marie