Streets Smarts Fiber Arts is a design studio with educational opportunities dedicated to excellence in handicrafts that incorporate fiber and yarn. Our specialty is helping our clients design unique knitted, sewn, embroidered and woven crafts.

The creations made by our clients at Streets Smarts incorporate the use of simple and complex tools to create their one-of-a-kind crafts. Some of our favorite complex tools used by our clients to create their exclusive items are the weaving loom, knitting loom (also known as knitting machine), sewing machine and embroidery machine. Armed with the knowledge of how to use these complex tools our clients we are able to reduce the design time from concept to reality and have fun alone the journey. The distinctly individual items created by our clients at Streets Smarts visually show the excellence in their handicrafts.

Location: Streets Smarts Fiber Arts, 6139 Germantown Avenue, Suite 112, Philadelphia, PA 19144, email: